Domineering and unique shape, elegant and fashionable appearance

Wide comfortable hand rest and keyboard into one, simple but fashionable

Heavy keyboard, sensitive key, nice hand feeling, long key life, up to 15 million times

There are 4 game high-end axisblack, red, tea, cyanto choose according to players preference

Specially add red, blue and pink LED full keyboard backlight, two sides backlight, and indicator lights for logo separately control/color correspond mode, better show its elegance and humanized functions

Total 25 user-defined keys in 5 groups each having 5 keys, cooperated with drive, every custom key get more than 40 kinds of functions to choose from

Separate configuration of file conversion key, freely change among 5 modes in turn, cooperated with logo light, five configuration files with 5 corresponding indicator lights

Humanized design keyboard, detailed explanation of a series of shortcut function keys cooperated with Fn Key

Four-level adjustable backlights and backlight dormancy, more convenient and friendlier at night, backlights can be adjusted as follow: With Fn+F2 combination keys, light decrease 50% to light off, with Fn+F3 combination keys, light increase 50% to backlight breathe: The first gear(Highest gear)-backlight breathe, the second gear-backlight 100%, the third gear-backlight 50%, the fourth gear-backlight off

Lockable/un-lockable WIN key and corresponding LED light indicators(at rightmost of keyboard), make game smoother:
1) Press Fn+F1 combination keys, LED light on and enter gaming mode, WIN key is locked without WIN key function
2) Press Fn+F12 combination keys again, LED light off and back to normal mode WIN key is unlocked with WIN key function

Unique WIN key lockable function and micro record function, five indicating lights: Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, WIN Lock, REC

Equipped with plate-load memory, freely conserve user-defined functions into keyboard

There are no conflicts amount


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