GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Master Intel LGA1200 ATX 2.5G LAN

EGP 8,100.00

Brand Gigabyte
CPU Socket LGA 1200
Memory Speed 5000 MHz
Platform Windows 8.1, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7, Windows 10
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Graphics Card Interface Integrated
Memory Slots Available 4
Number of Ports 4
Wireless Type Bluetooth
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gigabyte z490 aorus intel

Neonpunk style emanates in the darkness from the glimmer of high quality metals, showcasing futuristic aesthetics in the darkness of the night.
The new era of esports has arrived.
To unleash the full potential of the new Intel 10-core CPU, the motherboard requires the best CPU power design. With the best quality components and GIGABYTE R&D design capability, Z490 AORUS MASTER is a true beast among motherboards.
  1. Power Design
  2. Power Architecture
  3. Power Efficiency
  4. Transient Response
  5. 2X Copper PCB
  • 90A Smart Power Stage for Each vCore Phase
  • High Current Capacity MOSFET
  • Tantalum Polymer Capacitors Array
  • Lower Temperatures
  • Improved Transient

Z490 AORUS MASTER uses an pure digital CPU power design which includes a digital PWM Controller with Smart Power Stages and is capable of providing 90A of power from each phase for a total of 1260A. This 100% digital controller, new Tantalum Polymer Capacitors Array, and additional 8+8 Solid-pin CPU Power Connectors offer incredible precision and stability in delivering power to the motherboard’s most power-hungry and energy-sensitive components, allowing enthusiasts to get the absolute maximum overclocking performance from the new 10-core 10th Gen. Intel® Core™ processors.

GIGABYTE understands that our customer won’t stop chasing better computer performance, and strive to deliver that in our products. For the Z490 series, protective and optimized memory trace enhance the performance; faster read and write speed save time and improve efficiency; and generous M.2 Storage with thermal guards ensure unthrottled read and write performance. Future upgrades to the Z490 are made possible by the use of PCIe 4.0-ready components.
  1. XMP 5000+
  2. PCIe 4.0 Hardware Design
  3. 3X PCIe 3.0 M.2 Slot
  4. PCIe 4.0 Like SSD
  • Support for DDR4 XMP Up to 5000MHz and Beyond 

AORUS is offering a tested and proven platform that ensures proper compatibility with profiles up to 5000MHz and beyond. All users need to do to attain this performance boost is to ensure that their memory module is XMP capable and that the XMP function is activated and enabled on their AORUS motherboard.

  • XMP Profile support may vary depending on memory module.
    Please see the complete validated memory support list. Product features may vary by mode
Unthrottled performance is guaranteed by the enhanced thermal solution that incorporates Fins-Array II, Heatpipe II and Thermal Guards II. The comprehensive solution delivers excellent heat dissipation. The Z490 AORUS MASTER stays cool on VRMs and M.2 SSD even on full loading, making it most suitable for enthusiasts, overclockers and professional gamers.
  1. Fins-Array II
  2. Direct Touch II
  3. Thermal Guard II
  4. Smart Fan 5
A high-end product needs to be future-proof so your system stays up-to-date with the latest technology. Z490 AORUS MASTER provides all next generation network, storage, and WIFI connectivity to keep you up to speed.
  1. Intel® 2.5G LAN
  2. WIFI 6 802.11ax
  3. AORUS Antenna
   Z490 AORUS MASTER features RGB FUSION 2.0 and offers users the option to control onboard, external light strips, and/or AORUS            devices with RGB/ Addressable RGB LEDs to make their PC more unique and stylish.
  1. RGB FUSION 2.0
  2. RGB FUSION Software
  • Multi-Zone Light Show Design
Now offering more LED customizations than ever, users can truly adapt their PC to represent their lifestyle. With full RGB support and a redesigned RGB Fusion 2.0 application, the user has complete control over the LEDs which surround the motherboard.
GIGABYTE is reputable for its product durability and high quality manufacturing process. Needless to say, we use the best components we can find for the Z490 AORUS motherboard and reinforce every slot to make each of them solid and durable.
  1. 3X PCIe Armor
  2. 4X Memory Armor
  3. Solid Pin
  4. Q-Flash Plus
  • Ultra Durable™ PCIe Armor
Industry Leading Ultra Durable™ PCIe Armor
The innovative one piece stainless steel shielding design from GIGABYTE reinforces the PCIe connectors to provide the extra strength required to support heavy graphics cards.
Good software goes hand in hand with perfect hardware. Z490 AORUS MASTER bundled several useful and intuitive software to help users to control every aspect of motherboard.
  1. BIOS APP Center
  2. Easy Tune
  3. System Information Viewer
  • New User Interface

All new EASY MODE shows important hardware information in one page including CPU clock, Memory, Storage, Fan.

  • My Favorites

Add constantly used items into the favorite menu for quick access.

  • Storage Information

Show all kinds of storage information including SATA, PCIE and M.2 interface.

  • Changelog

List all changes before saving and exiting bios. Quickly review overall settings modification.

  • Intuitive Load Line Curve

Clearly show each loadline calibration setting in an intuitive curve graph.

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